Five Reasons To Work For A Woman-Owned Small Business

By Kathy Miller Perkins, Forbes

Have you taken stock lately of where work fits into your priorities? Our jobs represent a more significant proportion of our life than any other single endeavor. No wonder we want our work to be meaningful.

Of course, unless we are volunteering, we are working for a paycheck. Yet our wages don’t inspire and engage us, nor do they provide us with a sense of purpose. Most of us find meaning in work that enables us to use our strengths, learn and make a positive contribution to our companies and the world.

Here is some advice to job seekers, whether you are just entering the workforce or looking for a new job: Take a look at small businesses, especially those that are owned by women. Why? Because these companies provide supportive work environments, offer opportunities for personal growth and can enable you to make a meaningful contribution to society through your work.

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