Are You Making Efficient Use Of Your Time Spent On Social Media?

By Lindsey Carnett,CEO and President of Marketing Maven & WPO Los Angeles I Chapter member

If you spend 20 hours per week on marketing your business, on average, then you’re not alone. So do other small businesses, according to a recent survey by Constant Contact. Most of the business owners surveyed (82 percent) say they market their business across multiple platforms. That includes Web, email and social media, mostly.

How can you hone your social media strategy so you are making more effective use of your time? Follow these five tips for social media success:

  1. Conduct a mini audit: look at your social media profiles with a professional set of eyes. What is good about your online presence, and what can be improved? Review your analytics to see which types of posts are popular with your audience and build these into a content schedule moving forward. Who has recently followed you, and are there trends that point to new networks you can tap into? Be brutal and analytical in identifying what is and isn’t working.

Read more here.

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