Advantage | ForbesBooks: The Greatness of Gratitude

By: Bea Wray, Chair Entrepreneurship Practice, Advantage Media

After years of working side by side with scores of entrepreneurs, there is one generalization I have come up with.

There is no one generalization.

But there is one key ingredient that separates the successes from the almost-rans.


First, gratitude makes the right people want to be around you and opens the door to more relationships.

Entrepreneurs who are thankful for the people around them and show it have a devoted following of partners, advisors and employees who are willing to follow them.

Second, gratitude opens up opportunities and energizes creative thinking.

Grateful individuals are better able to form social bonds with clients, better able to utilize coping skills to defer stress, better able to maintain positive affect, and are more creative in problem solving.

Finally, a grateful spirit won’t give up so gratitude fuels the attitude needed to drive entrepreneurial success.

Gratitude provides a safety net for those times when you fail and empowers you to get back up. All those meetings where I walked away empty-handed. I was still grateful to be in the room. The lens of gratitude blurs the lens of defeat.

WPO would like to thank Advantage | ForbesBooks for providing this week’s sponsor blog content. 

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