Forbes: Dell Launches A Machine-Learning Platform For Women Entrepreneurs

By: Susan Price

If you’re a female entrepreneur looking for resources, say Hello Alice.

Launched by Dell and Circular Board, Alice is a machine-learning platform designed for female entrepreneurs. The platform has a friendly, how-can-I-help-you approach, and offers information on strategy, financing, technology and other topics. It also connects women to mentors, experts and events.

As more women use the platform, it will get smarter, eventually predicting a user’s needs and offering targeted content based on a startup’s size, location, industry and other factors.

Alice aims to help level the playing field by supporting female entrepreneurs regardless of where they live, their age or their networks. Women can access it according to their own schedules, which is crucial for those juggling launching a company with raising children, or those starting out while still holding jobs. And as many women start companies when they have children or later in life, accelerators that require residency are often out of the question.

“The current startup ecosystem continues to cycle resources among a very small percentage of well connected entrepreneurs, making it difficult for less traditional founders to navigate,” says Carolyn Rodz, founder and CEO of Circular Board, an online accelerator for women.

Rodz approached Dell’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Elizabeth Gore, last year with the idea. Dell brought on Pivotal, a software developer and part of the Dell Technologies portfolio, to create and launch the platform within several months. Partners including the Case Foundation, the Kauffman Foundation, Y Combinator, and the Small Business Administration have contributed resources to the launch.


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