The Encore – Chubb: Social Engineering Fraud

As an employer, you seek smart, helpful, and trusting people with which to grow your business.

Unfortunately, this means you or one of your employees may be more susceptible to being targeted and tricked into releasing confidential information that could be used to hack into the company’s network by someone who has manipulated them into helping them commit fraud–otherwise known as social engineering fraud.

Think this couldn’t happen at your company?  Think again. The Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complain Center (IC3)*, exposed losses for U.S. companies totaled more than $960.7 million, and more than $3 billion worldwide between October 2013 and May 2016, through a social-engineering fraud called the business e-mail compromise. Victims ranged from small businesses to large corporations.

Chubb shares that by becoming more aware of the different types of encounters that could be socially engineered, as well as practical tips and preventative measures, you can make sure employees within your company are never unwittingly helping the wrong person.

*Source: FBI Public Service Announcement, June 14, 2016

WPO would like to thank Chubb for providing this week’s sponsor blog content.  



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