WPO Guest Blog: Paying It Forward



Paying it forward

By: Valeria  Rodriguez Codina

I’d like to share with you today one of the most prominent professional challenges I have faced so far: the launch of the Women Presidents’ Organization Chapter (@TheWPO) in Mexico. I am so thankful to @americanexpress, @ipade, @WEConnection and @mujeremprende for supporting us and making it happen.

I feel I have received so much in life, that now the time has come to pay it forward. Three empowering international experiences left a big and profound mark on me: the 10,000 Women Program at @Thunderbird.for.Good in 2012, the @cherieblairfoundation for Women Program in 2013, and the @vitalvoices VVLead Fellowship in 2015. So many memories filled me up with enriching experiences and unique people from all over the world.

Women wearing many different hats: businesswomen, employees, social entrepreneurs, wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends… Women with big dreams… Women who want to leave a legacy behind them.

We are continuously facing new challenges in order to fulfill our dreams. Today, I have the honor to represent such a prestigious international organization as the WPO to help other businesswomen in Mexico scale their business and go global. This goes much farther than any professional dream. It means the possibility of generating a huge social impact, one that I have been pursuing for so many years. It is from here where I want to leave a huge and deep footprint.


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