The Encore: PwC – Next Generation Survey 2016, The Female Perspective

Views of Female NextGen Family Business Leaders

In our survey, we dug deeper to look at the perspective from female NextGens—many of whom plan to take over the business one day.

The gender gap issue in businesses continues to make headlines and we wanted to understand how do the female NextGen in family businesses feel about the prospect of leadership? The good news here is that 30% of the women we interviewed have a seat on the board, which is noticeably higher than the global average for public companies. Likewise, over half the women we spoke to disagreed that their gender would be a barrier to them running the family business, and nearly the same number said that their firm recognizes the value of having women in key positions.

While female NextGens are optimistic the gender gap is closing in their businesses, there is clearly work that needs to be done. One striking example is the noted difference in the leadership roles males and females are undertaking in their firm. Male NextGens tend to be involved in professionalising the firm whereas their female counterparts are more focused on professionalising the family in areas of corporate governance.

Click here to read the chapter from Pwc’s Global NextGen Survey.



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