Forbes: Jobs & The Promise Of Women Entrepreneurs

By: Moira Vetter


Can female entrepreneurs be the stimulus we need for jobs?

People—and investors—are ready to put their money where more exponential returns, are possible.

Female entrepreneurs seem to be bucking some of the stagnant growth trends, starting up a greater number of businesses. According to the National Women’s Business Council in 2012, women-owned businesses increased 26.8% from 2007. If women can master the issue of scale, a lot of people stand to win big.

Advocacy groups focused on women’s business owners

If you are a female entrepreneur, you should know the associations that keep trying to read your tea leaves or tell your story. Many of the studies I reference are done with multiple partners who are combining research with networking, conferences and programs to help female business owners access capital.

Click here for more.

The next generation of women business owners is ready to get started

A few weeks ago I spoke to a group of students at Georgia Tech’s Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship. I was blown away by the number of female students in the crowd—nearly half the group—but not surprised when during Q&A I was asked for advice specifically for female entrepreneurs.

Given the constant emphasis on women in business and data that suggests they make great “business starters” and that their influence drives better financial performance, maybe they shouldn’t forget it. They should leverage the growing interest and energy around women-owned business for immediate advantage.



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