WPO Guest Blog – Footprint Women: Interview with Renee Fraser

By Gunvor Engström


Renee Fraser; PhD, CEO

Position – PhD, CEO
Company – Fraser Communications
Founded – 1998
Number of employees – 20
Revenue – USD 30 million
Successes – Awards


How did you get to this position?

Always curious about what makes people ”tick”, I studied psychology and philosophy in college with no expectation to go into advertising. Conducting research to gain insights into human behavior was my passion and it lead me to complete my PhD at the university of Southern California. My focus was social psychology – the study of persuasion, attribution and motivation. Like Malcolm Gladwell, I am fascinated by why people behave as they do.

With a father from the Mad Men era of advertising, it is no surprise that, working as a researcher, I might find my way to advertising. Helping guide creative strategies, understanding how people consume media, determining what will engage them and how stories will connect with consumers, all of these are part of my passion for marketing and advertising.

After 15 years in the corporate world of advertising, four of those years running the Pacific region of a multi-national ad agency, Bozell, I decided to take control of my life and start my own firm. 1998 I started my own business, Fraser White Inc. I added White, my maiden name, in tribute to my parents. Operating as Fraser Communications we are one of the most successful women-lead and women owned ad agencies in the US. Fraser is focused on ”doing well by doing good” and we design and implement campaigns that make the world a better place – using communications for good causes as well as social marketing.

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