Atlanta Tribune Magazine: Salute to Minority Business Owners

Phyllis Winchester Newhouse is just as adept at being part of a unit as she is being at the head of one. After more than 22 years in the military she foundedXtreme Solutions Inc. in 2002, as an Information Technology solutions provider specializing in Software Development Life Cycle management that paralleledher military know-how. Newhouse has since grown the company into a profitable multi-million dollar enterprise with more than 190 highly skilled professionals in 20-plus states, supporting several prime contracts with civilian and defense agencies of the Federal government and providing IT and end-to-end solutions in information assurance, cyber security and network support to
FORTUNE 500 companies around the globe. In the last five years, Xtreme Soultions Inc. has been widely recognized as one of Georgia’s leaders in job growth, creation and new hires, and has earned a competitive ranking in the nation for IT services companies.
Read the full story here beginning on page 32.

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