Disrupters: The New Normal

Guest Blog by: Rachel Braun Scherl, Co-Founder & Principal, Strategist, Entrepreneur and Speaker, SPARK Solutions for Growth & WPO Fairchester member, Mary Jaensch, Co-Founder & Principal,  SPARK Solutions for Growth

At the 2015 WPO conference in Phoenix, members had the opportunity to hear Lorna Ross and Barbara Spurrier speak about how The Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation is transforming the experience and delivery of healthcare through innovative human-centered methodology, and how to apply this model to their businesses. WPO Member, Rachel Scherl highlighted some key learnings from the session.

Disruption: The New Normal
In a world of rapidly changing technology and interconnectedness, most businesses find themselves besieged with fundamental shifts in the way that they manage their strategies. Throughout the healthcare ecosystem, it has become increasingly clear that “business as usual” is no longer sufficient.

Big Disruptions:
Changing government regulations, metrics for reimbursement, availability of health monitoring, and abundance of information among other factors are impacting how healthcare providers and companies evolve their product and service delivery. The fundamental treatment paradigm has shifted from treating illness to facilitating wellness. The disruption in the healthcare industry will continue to drive new business models.

A Snapshot from the Field:

The Mayo Clinic is currently celebrating its 150th birthday and has recognized the earth-shattering, model-unraveling impact of healthcare disruption. The response was the creation of the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation, whose approach fuses design principles with scientific methods to uncover human needs: empathy, creativity, systems thinking, a patient-centered focus. The Mayo Clinic has captured their mantra in the tagline “Think big. Start small. Move fast.”™ as a way to create, discover and launch new ways of delivering healthcare. Now that is disruptive.


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