IN PRAISE OF Entrepreneurship by Manishi Sagar

Guest Blog by Manishi Sagar, CEO, The Kinderville Group                                                                                                                       

There are two kinds of people in the world—entrepreneurs and  everyone else.

An entrepreneur is an artist. An entre- preneur is a magician. We have this huge dream, this huge ambition to create some- thing and on the other hand almost no resources and  yet we make  something out of nothing.

I have this huge dream of building bilingual schools where children can read, write, think and dream in French and English,  where  chess and  yoga  is an  inte- gral part of the curriculum, where we will create  the  leaders of  tomorrow—but  we have   no  money.  Yet  somehow we  build the  schools.  Somehow  students  trickle in. Somehow  we create a team that  we can trust around us. I feel like David Copperfield.

Translating zero resources into  infinite dreams is my job.

As an entrepreneur I have learned to live on  the  verge  of bankruptcy. I  have  a deal with  my  bank  (they  don’t  know  about it). For six months I own my house and  for the next six months the bank owns the house. When I believed that I owned my home  and I had to take a second or third mortgage to meet  my payroll, I would  get  very tense and  stressed. Now I have  changed my attitude. Now I believe that the bank owns my home  and has  kindly allowed  me to live in it. I am happy.
What is an entrepreneur?
I dare to  answer this  after almost  a   decade  of  study- ing   and   learning   from   my peers at my Montreal  Women Presidents’ Organization. She  is  someone  special. You  know  that  within  a few minutes  of  chatting  with  her. She is a leader, she has charis- ma, and she has vision. She is intelligent and ambitious, knows what she wants and has the con- fidence to  build  consensus around the table  in five minutes. She  is large- hearted  and   generous,  and   yes,   at times too proud to ask for help.

A successful entrepreneur would  be bold  yet  prudent, visionary  yet  practical, tough  yet empathetic, focused yet flexible and  brilliant yet humble. These are  not my words; I  am  merely  quoting from  one  of the great speeches I have heard and loved.

I hold entrepreneurs in the highest regard. They  can  change the  world.  And that  should  be  the  role of  business—to make  the  world  a  better place for every- one. Business needs to  make economic sense and must also be sustainable— socially,  emotionally and  environmentally.

This article first appeared in Vol. 15, No. 1 of Enterprising Women Magazine

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