Women Entrepreneurs in the US: Facts about Today and Tomorrow

For the first time in US history, women became the majority of the workforce in 2010.

Women currently make up 57 percent of college students in the US.

Women currently make up 54 percent of accountants, 45 percent of law associates, 33 percent of doctors, and roughly 50 percent of banking and insurance jobs in the US.

Women-owned businesses are growing at double the rate of all businesses in the US and have done so for the past 30 years.

A study by the Guardian Life Index found that women owners and managers are:

  • More diligently engaged in strategic and tactical facets of their business
  • More proactively customer-focused
  • More likely to incorporate community and environment into their business plans
  • More receptive to input and guidance from internal and external advisers
  • More committed to creating opportunities for others

As of 2011, there were 8.1 million women-owned firms contributing $1.3 to the economy and employing 7.7 million individuals.

Statistics from The Atlantic, Center for Women’s Business Research


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