B2B Marketing Through Social Media

Using social media in your business has become a necessity.  Most businesses and/or business owners are on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and using these tools for B2B marketing isn’t much different from what you are already doing. Inc. has put together some tips for using social media for B2B marketing:

  • Define your target audience: find out where other businesses are going, who you want to target, and what social media platforms they use to get their information from.
  • Monitor before you act: search through hashtags on twitter, and see what others have to say.  You want to make sure what you say is relevant and that people will pay attention to it.

Click here to read more tips for using social media from Inc.


2 thoughts on “B2B Marketing Through Social Media

  1. Heard that social media a vital tool for b2b or resume stand out. Would anyone kindly shed light how to use LindedIn for such purpose? thanks

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