WPO in Smart Business Magazine

The WPO and Marsha Firestone were recently featured in Smart Business Magazine.  Here is an excerpt from the piece:

“Nearly two out of every three companies launched today are being founded by women. Over the past few years, women have held the top spot at companies such as Wellpoint Inc., Avon, Sara Lee and HP. Economists predict that women entrepreneurs may lead the economic recovery by creating new jobs.

Despite being a fast-growing segment, there remains a stunning gap between these realities and the general perception about women CEOs and entrepreneurs.

To underscore this trend, Smart Business has partnered with the Women Presidents’ Organization as a national media partner. WPO is the premier organization for women entrepreneurs, with more than 1,400 members worldwide. Through this partnership, we hope to help bust myths about women-led organizations and share the experiences of women CEOs.

One component of this partnership is a regular column by WPO Founder and President Marsha Firestone, which will begin in May and will discuss topical issues faced by this demographic.”

Click here to read more from Smart Business Magazine.


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