WPO Regional Seminar in Charlotte, NC

Last week, the WPO held a regional seminar in North Carolina, Growing Green: Sustainability and Your Business, with keynote speaker Marci Zaroff and a WPO member panel. The WPO panel had so many great insights to share with the audience about their “green” business practices. We want to thank Sam’s Club for sponsoring the program, and share some points from the panelists on our blog.

“We were encouraged that several attendees recognized ways they could go back and get going green righ away! For TSC, our “recycled, repurposed” call center truly gives meaning to a purpose by helping people in need, creating new jobs and conserving the eath’s resources,” said Carolyn Sawyer, Tom Sawyer Company, WPO Charlotte member.

“I love sharing my green experiences at Something Classic with other women! There is nothing better than digging in the soil, planting seeds, harvesting your bounty and bringing those literally to the table to share with others,” said Jill Marcus, Something Classic, WPO Charlotte member.

“I was delighted with the whole Going Green seminar and it offered me a chance to show how the new Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design designation can keep so much out of our ladnfills; as I showed our group that just my company alone keeps and avereage PER DAY of 22.5 tons of construciton materials out of the landfills and the materials get recycled instead,” said Linda Holden, The Linda Construction Co., Inc., WPO Charlotte member.


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