Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women Competition Winners

Ernst & Young has announced the winners of their 2009 Winning Women Competition. This competitive award is designed to connect a select group of women entrepreneurs with the resources they need to become market leaders. This year, three WPO members were selected to participate in the E&Y Winning Women Program:

  • Jennifer Scully, Clinical Resources, LLC
  • Talia Mashiach, Eved Services, Inc.
  • Sherry Stewart Deutschmann, LetterLogic Inc.

For more information on the Ernst & Young Winning Women Competition, click here.

For a complete list of this year’s winners, click here.


One thought on “Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women Competition Winners

  1. As a winner for this year, I would like to commend and thank the WPO for their support of this program as well as providing the support and resources to all of us as Women Presidents. The WPO is an excellent organization and I recommend all eligible women presidents to join. I also encourage others to consider applying for the prestigious Ernst & Young Winning Women Program for next year. This is an excellent opportunity for those women entreprenuers who are interested in taking their company to the next level!Jennifer ScullyPresidnet and CEOClinical Resources LLC

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