iPhone Apps for Business Owners

Do you have an iPhone? New applications are being created specifically for business owners to help take care of business when you are on the go. iPhones are becoming increasingly popular with small business owners and employees. Try some of the business apps that Wall Street Journal suggests, next time you are away from the office:

> RoamBi Visualizer, turns data in Excel spreadsheets into interactive graphics that make analyzing business opportunities and sales trends easy.

> Salesforce Mobil, allows you to find out information about a particular customer, and the business you have done with them recently, before entering a meeting or a phone call. Then, you can enter new information and update after each meeting.

> Invoice Makers, allows you to email logo-ed invoices to clients with product and service descriptions and totaled prices, including taxes and shipping costs.

Click here to read more from Wall Street Journal.

Also, Shirley Moulton, CEO of Tuck Shop, LLC and WPO New York IV member, just had an iPhone app released! The Joy Of Being – guided meditations was released for the iPhone and iPodTouch today.


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