Advice for Business Owners to Sleep Through the Night During Tough Times

When the economy is struggling, business owners may find it harder to get a good night’s rest. Thoughts and ideas with how to deal with tough times can keep you stirring. WPO Facilitator Laurel Delaney recently interviewed 20 presidents of small businesses to find out what allows them to sleep through the night. The following are some tips that they shared:

>Put in a good day’s work. Being productive at work will make you feel like you have accomplished what you set out for each morning. Stay focused and committed to growing the business, so others are confident in you as a leader.

>Connect with upbeat, enthusiastic, high-energy people. Surround yourself with people who have similar business views and can offer solutions to problems. It can help your mood and productivity to be around happy, smiling people.

>Communicate with the executive team and employees as often as possible. Let them know what is going on, and steps you are taking to keep the company strong. Seek input from all employees, you never know who may come up with a new idea.

Click here to read more of Laurel’s article from OPEN Forum by American Express OPEN.


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