Tips for Getting Your E-mail Inbox Under Control

Is your inbox overflowing with e-mails? Do you have 15 folders to file e-mails in, and when the time comes to find an e-mail, you are left searching in all 15 folders? When things pile up in your inbox, it can become stressful and unorganized. Here are some tips for organizing and controlling your inbox from BusinessWeek:

1. Read, take action, and delete or save. When receiving an e-mail, decide what to do with it as soon as it is read. As time goes by, and the day gets busier, there is more of a chance of the e-mail being pushed to the bottom and forgotten.

2. One email per topic. Keep only the newest e-mail if there is a chain e-mail on a topic. It will contain all of the previous e-mails, and create more room in your inbox.

3. Have very few file folders. Too many folders causes confusion, and wastes time when you need to find something. Keep folders simple and easy to understand.

To read more tips for controlling your inbox from Harvard Business Blogger David Silverman on BusinessWeek, click here.


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