Work-Life Balance in 140 Characters or Less

Work-life balance has becoming increasingly important to employers and employees alike. While some may find it easy to create this balance, others struggle dividing their time. Times at work may be overwhelming, and putting in long days at the office could be necessary. Sometimes however, it is important to take some time for yourself to relax, and forget your office life for a little. BusinessWeek turned to Twitter to get work-life balance tips from some of their followers. Here are a few of their tips in classic Twitter style, 140 characters or less:

>Is there really such thing as work-life balance? I feel it’s really work-life choices

>Schedule time in your calendar to power off and relax, to enjoy things that make you smile (aside from ur work)

>To find balance treat “life” as a firm appt on the calendar, not merely something you do when work is “done”

>Don’t force a separation between work and life. If they share the same “values” dimension, you’ll be happier in both spheres.

To read more from BusinessWeek, click here.


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