Useful Websites for Entrepreneurs

Have you ever needed something online, searched for it, and wound up with more responses than you could imagine? As a business woman, chances are your spare time is limited, and when you need to find something online, you want the most accurate, relevant websites to come up. Entrepreneur has put together a list of 64 websites that are vital for a business owner. Here are just a few:

Google Docs ( This is a free web-based word processor and spreadsheet, which allow you to share and collaborate online with others.

Kauffman Foundation ( Check out the Resource Center for getting started information on business operations, sales and marketing, human resources, finance and accounting, and the like.

Accounting Terminology Guide ( Hosted and maintained by the New York State Society of CPAs, nearly 500 accounting terms are defined on this site, all sorted in an easy-to-use alphabetical list. ( provides a global perspective on brands and the art of branding.

Business Owners Idea Café ( Managed by successful entrepreneurs and the authors of several guides on forming and running a business, this site includes numerous award-winning resources, along with practical advice, business news and humor.

Read the complete list of helpful websites from Entrepreneur here.


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