2009 Global Trends for Small Businesses

Going global with your business is a chance to explore and expand into new markets. Chicago Downtown Facilitator, Laurel Delaney has put together a list of the top 10 global small business trends for 2009, and it seems that going global with your business this year will not be much different than in 2008. Here are some of the trends that Laurel found:

> Disruptive innovation will be both the coolest and hottest new growth strategy in 2009 because it will transcend all boundaries and transform businesses.

> Diverse global business partnerships will shine and outperform those businesses that don’t make these critical alliances.

> Exporting (from the USA) will prevail in the first quarter of ‘09 and might start to strengthen later in the year.

>Women entrepreneurs will rule the global marketplace.

> Green and global are a marriage made in heaven because everyone wants to save the world.

To read more of Laurel’s article, “Top 10 Global Trends for Small Businesses for 2009,” click here.


3 thoughts on “2009 Global Trends for Small Businesses

  1. Nice going Laurel! Timely advice with some encouragement just when I needed it! I especially like the Seth Godin Blog…and I did want to learn about Twitter (tweeter?) too!Karen Barnett

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