Keeping Employee Morale High During Tough Times

With the holidays upon us and our economy struggling, employee morale may be suffering as well. Employees are wary of lay-offs, and tension can ensue. As a leader it is imperative to pull employees together to keep morale high. Employees should feel as if they are part of a team, and business leaders should encourage their employees to work together in tough times. One way to do this during the holiday season is by holding staff lunches in lieu of more expensive holiday parties to save money. Another idea would be to volunteer together at a local charity, which not only brings the staff closer, but everyone can feel they are doing something good for their community as well. Above all, in tough times, communication is key. Keep all employees informed about what is going on and they will feel more at ease, allowing for a more constructive work environment.

Click here to read more about keeping employee morale high this holiday season.


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