Ten Ways to Cut Back on Business Travel Costs

Traveling is expensive, and many times business trips are planned quickly and without looking for simple ways to save money. Entrepreneur and American Express have put together a list of ways to cut back on your travel expenses, from the planning stage, all the way through the end of your trip.

1. Plan twice, book once: check and double check your bookings to make sure they are all correct, to avoid fees for changes.

2. Pack light: avoid paying for overweight baggage, or extra bags by packing lighter, and getting dry cleaning done when you arrive.

3. Check your paperwork: expired or missing paperwork will delay your trip, make sure if you need a passport, it is up to date and you bring it with you.

4. Be flexible: Check other airports around where you are traveling to see if one may be cheaper than the other. Also, if you can be flexible about the day and time you travel, you could save big.

5. Watch for waste: don’t let your airline ticket go unused, consider paying for a refundable ticket, even though it may cost more at first, it can save you money if you need to change your travel plans.

6. Double up on hotel rooms: share a room with a co-worker, or if you have a relative or friend in the nearby area, consider staying with them to avoid hotel costs all together.

To read more tips on how to save when you travel, click here.


One thought on “Ten Ways to Cut Back on Business Travel Costs

  1. One way to save on business travel is to use an off-airport parking facility that offers discounts and freebies to frequent travelers- i.e. business travelers. In Denver, we offer 25% off our already low rates, for signing up your company and (all) your business travelers. In our case, we offer both covered and uncovered parking, door-to-door shuttles every five minutes and assistance with inflating tires/jumping dead batteries. Check us out if you are based in Colorado, or run a Google search for your local providers. Good luck!

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