Taking Creative Risks

Does your company take risks when it comes to marketing and advertising? A new survey done by The Creative Group shows that 65% of marketing executives and 45% of advertising executives believe their firms don’t take enough creative risks with projects. In a time when the economy is struggling, you should aim to set yourself apart from competitors. By taking a creative risk with your marketing and advertising techniques, you will stand out in a way that makes customers choose your company over others.

The Creative Group offers some ideas for building support for creative projects:

  1. Take your ego out of the equation, make sure your initiative could genuinely move your company forward.
  2. Get granular, double check all information for accuracy before you present it.
  3. Talk the talk, use terminology that your audience will understand.
  4. Step in their shoes, view things from your audience’s perspective.
  5. Give evidence, provide specific examples of firms that have achieved success using strategies similar to the one you’re presenting.

To read more from The Creative Group, click here.


2 thoughts on “Taking Creative Risks

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Ii work for an ad agency in the Dallas area, and we were asked to present a new concept to Porsche. I was so disappointed with the outcome. It looked like all the other sport car commercials you see every day. Women entrepreneurs need to be a little braver. Take some risks! The agency that won Porsche did.

  2. These are helpful reminders on how to best approach risk-taking. Also, an interesting followup link to a site with women executive articles, w2wlink.com. I like the emphasis on being prepared and knowing your audience. I think there are more opportunities for creativity and risk-taking in today’s business climate than ever before.

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