H.R. 800, the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)

EFCA will be changing the way employees may seek to unionize. This act all but removes secret ballot elections in union organizing campaigns, in favor of a public, card check process. Under EFCA, employees would no longer vote in private to join a union, but rather their vote would be made public to the employer, union organizers and co-workers.

Union sympathizers believe that EFCA would remove barriers to pro-union workers by enabling them to organize unions when a majority (50% plus 1) signs union authorization cards. Opponents of EFCA believe the card check process would remove the employee’s right to a private ballot when deciding about his or her future and expose employees to intimidation, harassment and coercion.

When all a union needs is 50 percent of the workforce, all businesses could be impacted. Card check would require the employer and the union to settle a contract within 90 days, after that, the union could force the newly unionized company into government-supervised mediation. If the union and management have not reached an agreement within another 30 days, a government-appointed arbitrator would set the final binding contract terms.

This is an important issue, please contact your senator and let them know how you feel about it.


3 thoughts on “H.R. 800, the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)

  1. I urge everyone to contact their representatives and demand a defeat of this legislation. This bill is bad law from beginning to end. SInce when have Americans not had the right to private ballot?As a business owner who has to deal with a unionized laborforce I would not want to wish this on anyone else. The terms of 90 days to define your starting contract are unrealistic and punitive. I can barely negotiate my renewals of contract in such a time period let alone create a new agreement that will be the basis for all future agreements.From my time in DC several weeks ago the word on the hill is that the democrats want this passed quickly. It will most likely be passed as part of a 100 days agenda. You can find more information on this bill at http://www.nam.org/efca

  2. Don’t think this pro-union initiative will apply just to big businesses. It is targeted to any business with at least 10 employees. So virtually overnight, WPO members could find themselves either running union-based businesses or spending huge amounts in arbitration costs.

  3. This is a horrible bill. It is unfair to businesses, big and small and to employees who may lose their job as a result of companies going out of business or off shore. Private ballot is a right which must be maintained to protect against intimidation and coercion. Just the idea that Congress wishes to take that right away from their constituents is frightening. Mary Hauptman

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