Yelp! Just How Important Are Online Customer Evaluations?

It seems the answer to that is very important. Yelp, a popular online customer review site allows customers to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with business owners on the World Wide Web. The site is also a fantastic way for entrepreneurs to promote their business and check out the site to gain beneficial feedback.

Yelp users rate a business’ service on a one-to five-star rating system. If a business owner sees that their business is receiving not so good reviews, there are a few helpful hints to change that around.

Anyone can look up a business as well as add a business on Yelp. Once you have set up your account, you will receive notifications when someone reviews you business and can respond to them if you wish. This way, if you feel there is an unfair review from an angry customer, you can talk about the situation, and if they feel like they should change their review after, they may.

To read more on Yelp, including a story from a woman business owner who has used the site, click here.


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