The Value of Your Coffee

With tough times in the economy, small changes to a business can make the biggest impact in the end. Advertising in stores has become more high tech recently, Israel-based Aroma Espresso is one example.

When you order a coffee, an image of a suggested food item will pop up on the screen next to you, and in turn, when you order a food item, a beverage suggestion will appear. Desserts and beverages featured on the screens have seen a 68% increase in sales at Aroma Espresso cafes. This type of point-of-sale advertising allows companies to shape their sales pitch to their customers’ desires. Simple suggestions like these make the customer feel like they are being catered to personally when they order their morning coffee. It seems in-store digital ads will grow as much as eightfold over the next four to five years, to $3.5 billion in the United States, predicts a senior consultant at Frost & Sullivan.

Marketing experts agree that it is more effective to target customers in the stores, rather than in their homes. Retailers are beginning to realize that if the ad is short, and located in a place where people will pay attention, it can keep the customer’s attention, and encourage these on-the-whim purchases. So next time you order your morning bagel, perhaps these ads will help you consider something other than your regular cup of coffee. Get ready for increased impulse buys!

To read more on this article from Businessweek, click here.


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