WPO Annual Survey Results

Every year we collect data from our 1300 members to provide an economic forecast for the upcoming year. Take a look at some of the results from our surveyed membership and see what the future holds according to women presidents!

Relative to 2007, in 2008

  • 45% of companies have grown
  • 30% are stable and have neutral performance

Predictions for 2008

  • 50% predict growth
  • 17% predict the same

Greatest threat to the bottom line and factors affecting business

– Oil prices and the cost of fuel

– Customer retention

– Shipping costs

– Hiring practices/ retaining and finding employees


  • 85% plan to increase number of employees or keep the same amount
  • 50% predict an increase in salaries; 43% think it will stay the same

Future Role

  • 40% will continue full-time management
  • 24% plan hands-off oversight, with presence in the office 1-3 days per week


  • 69% Believe their business has grown since joining
  • 62% Believe the WPO has contributed to economic success
  • 79% Believe the WPO helps manage business concerns in the current economic climate

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