Social Media Catering to Women

How many of you have accounts on MySpace? According to an article recently published on women between the ages of 35 and 50 are the fastest-growing segment on social media networks, especially MySpace.

The article explains that social media of the future will be focused on women and that any websites that hope to be successful will know to target women. A study by Rapleaf examined over 13 million people and found that women far outpace men in using social media.

What does the future hold? The article predicts that there will be a rise in females hired in the social media realm. With the focus on women, male audiences will be seen as less valuable than female ones. Read the article here.

Again, I invite your thoughts. Are you active on social media sites? Does using social media (i.e. Facebook) piggy back on reputation management?


4 thoughts on “Social Media Catering to Women

  1. I’m active on a few social media sites – but I leave MySpace for companies that are targeting consumers or a younger demographic.Since we work mainly with businesses, we stick to leveraging Facebook, LinkedIn, FriendFeed and Twitter.I think that some aspects of using social media piggybacks on reputation management, but not all usage.Certainly, if someone is using social media, after first understanding that they have to give to get, the next priority is keeping an eye on your own brand to see what’s being said and not said (you can do the later by following other companies that operate in your industry) — which lends itself to setting the record straight if there’s any conversation that doesn’t positively reflect your brand.

  2. From what I can see, using social media can only be advantageous as long as you understand that there are rules. Rules such as budgeting time spent, giving to get and doing your part.The WPO is lucky to have members, like Lena West of xynoMedia, who know the rules of social media and are actively adding it to their business.Get out there and blog!

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