Managing Your Reputation

A new reputation management industry is offering businesses help countering negative search results on the web. The aim is to defend clients against any unfavorable or damaging information on the web that could ultimately mean lost business.

They work by tracking what is written about your company and then promote the positive pages that are revealed from a search and create other sites that push the damaging references off the page. Yet another tool to add to your marketing/PR toolkit.

Currently, there is little agreement on where the line should be drawn on this and whether the newly created sites are unfairly spinning search results.

What do you as small business owners think? Is your reputation your business?

Managing your reputation may be helpful but will not repair a business.


2 thoughts on “Managing Your Reputation

  1. Businesses and brand owners need to be really careful about reputation management services. As the CEO of a social media strategy and development firm, I work in this industry and there are a bunch of reputation management firms that are no better than fradulent credit repair companies. They promise the world yet their results are only temporary.Companies should be less concerned with clearing out the negative statements and replacing them with positive statements. They should be focused on developing open, honest and direct communication with their market at all times.”…Promot[ing] the positive pages that are revealed from a search and create other sites that push the damaging references off the page,” can easily be seen as a practice that’s called “white washing” — which is completely frowned upon by the blogosphere as a whole because it is seen as deceptive.The bottomline is you can only push so many “damaging references off the page”. If your company is not providing quality service/products you’ll quickly end up with more damanging references than you can manage.Smart brands know this and don’t resort to shortcuts but rather invest in building a sustainable brand for the long term through authentic interaction with their markets.Buyer beware.-Lena L. West

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