Grow Great, Innovate! II

Continuing in our panelist profiles, Lani Hay is the president and CEO of Lanmark Technology which provides the full range of Information Technology Services, Telecommunications Solutions, Program Management Oversight, and Administrative Support to clients in the Federal government and commercial sectors.

In 2007, Ms. Hay expanded upon her entrepreneurial passion by incorporating Blak Lava, LLC, a one stop telecommunications solutions provider headquartered in Kailua, Hawaii, and One Voice Solutions, LLC, an innovative technology based directory publishing company headquartered in Miami, Florida. She also co-founded BBBB Productions, Inc., a multimedia production company also headquartered in Miami, Florida. With over a decade of experience in the areas of military intelligence and business management, Ms. Hay has grown LMT from a one-woman consulting firm to a highly regarded, employee oriented, multi-million dollar technology enterprise providing services and systems strengthening the Federal Government. Under Ms. Hay’s leadership, LMT’s clients include Federal Agencies, State and City Government offices, and commercial clients including small to medium-sized businesses and large Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to forming LMT, Ms. Hay honorably served the United States as a Naval Intelligence Officer. As an Air Intelligence Officer (AIO) for a Patrol Reconnaissance Squadron in Kaneohe, HI, she analyzed, assembled and disseminated intelligence information for squadron aircrews and carrier air groups by providing operational assessments and briefings on time critical subjects. Ms. Hay spearheaded, researched, and evaluated new exploitation techniques providing advanced development support for state-of-the-art prototype reconnaissance equipment.

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