Well Rounded Women

If you are new to the WPO you may wonder why we emphasize roundtable discussions. Simply, every woman is a leader at a WPO roundtable. At chapter meetings, members are more than presidents & CEOs; they are peers, role models, and founts of wisdom. And, they are guided by dedicated facilitators who are professionally-trained to bring out the ‘genius in the group.’

Through the roundtable format, WPO members enhance their leadership and accelerate their business and personal growth. They often develop deep friendships with their peers and treat monthly roundtable meetings -and annual retreats- as a opportunity to step back from workday pressures to see the big picture. In addition, some of our members are so inspired that they choose to help other women through mentoring programs. For example, IQ Telcom LLC President Ann Flynn was selected as one of three companies nationwide to participate in the Coca-Cola MWBE Mentoring Program. Although the WPO is not specifically a mentoring group, we are proud that our members are encouraged to share their wisdom with others to help them grow their business.At headquarters, we like to say that chapter membership and the roundtable format is all about the 4 C’s: Commitment, Communication, Connections, and Confidentiality. We would love to hear your thoughts…


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