Don’t Let Others Make Decisions For You

The WPO welcomes a guest blogger, Barbara Kasoff. Barbara is the President and Co-Founder of GrassRoots Impact, Inc. a public policy strategies firm and Co-Founder/COO of Women Impacting Public Policy, Inc., a non-profit, public policy advocacy organization working on behalf of women in business on economic issues. Barbara has been an active supporter for small businesses, and women in business in particular. She continues this work both nationally and internationally through WIPP to link together thousands of women, enabling them to communicate directly with one another to improve their businesses.
* * *
As many of you have already heard, on December 27 the Small Business Administration (SBA) released a proposed new rule that makes a lame attempt to implement a law (PL 106-554) passed by Congress in 2000. The law was created to level the playing field for women-owned businesses competing for federal contracts by awarding 5% of federal contracting dollars to them. Congress tasked the SBA with implementing the law. The SBA dragged their feet, and finally, seven years later, they released a proposed rule in an effort to comply with the 2000 law. The SBA concluded that we only experience discrimination in 4 out of 2300 (NAICS) categories. As women business owners we know that this is not the case.

Women across the country have joined together and launched a fierce campaign to encourage the SBA to withdraw the rule and consult with Congress. WPO has been a leader and has played an important role to encourage women business owners to join together and demonstrate our cohesiveness.

It is so important that we each, individually, demand that the SBA withdraw the rule. If we do not respond, this rule will become the model for similar legislation at local and state levels.

Let us NOT let others make decisions for us, let us NOT let them think that we don’t care about this so that they can arbitrarily make decisions that affect our financial well-being without as much as a peep from us. This is our issue and it is up to us to respond.

ACTION ITEM: You have 1 task that I need you to do – and that is to
respond to the SBA by February 25th – that is when comments on the proposed rule are due. Just go to this link It will take 5 minutes of your time. For your comments – just tell the SBA to withdraw the rule and consult with Congress and the stakeholders. There is also quite a bit of information on the WIPP website ( – or I would be happy to personally help you


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