Innovators: Part one!

As many of you may know, we recently awarded Marilyn Weber the WPO Innovation Award at our 10th Anniversary Gala.

Starting with Marilyn and an interesting article on BusinessWeek online we’ll be profiling a series of great women innovators from now until 2008 Conference.

Below, please find Marilyn Johnson’s, of IBM, comments from the Gala about Marilyn.

Innovation as you know is one of the most discussed and necessary business principles in today’s world. At IBM we are continually striving to support innovation and through our efforts we have come to realize that it and entrepreneurship are the two key factors in sustaining a country’s economy. Our awardee tonight has taken innovation to a whole new level. As a reaction to a personal challenge, Marilyn Weber has founded Deaf Interpreter Services to facilitate communication and cultural mediation between the deaf, the hard of hearing and the hearing communities. Her company has utilized state of the art technological solutions to provide deaf individuals in rural areas immediate access to medical facilities, legal entities and social service providers via video remote interpreting. In addition, her company enhances job opportunities and customizes workstations as well as provides pro-bono emergency interpreting services for evacuees. Please join me congratulating Marilyn Weber on her receipt of the Innovation award, as she is truly a social innovator to whom we can all admire.

Additionally, BusinessWeek recently held an interview with Spanx founder Sara Blakely. Read it here.


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