Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to the whole WPO family! This year has been fantastic for the WPO and our membership is stronger than ever. Many thanks to all of you who make it possible!

Our Members: We now have more than 1200 members in the WPO family and they stretch from Canada to Lima, Peru and the UK. As accomplished woman presidents, each, and every one of you is an empowering role model. Thank you for your passion and determination.

Our Facilitators: By the end of the year the WPO will have close to 80 chapters. Without strong local leadership, we would never be able to fortify such an influential network of success. Thank you for your dedication and guidance.

Our Board & Advisory Council: Our 10th anniversary was a huge success and many thanks to our experienced leaders . Thank you for your expertise and enthusiasm.

Our Sponsors: Our sponsors are so much more than financial supporters of the organization. So many have dedicated their expertise to our programs year after year and are constantly striving to do more business with women entrepreneurs. Thank you for your insight and social responsibility.

Our Partners:
We can’t do it alone. And we certainly can’t tackle all of the problems of women in business. But, through the Center for Women’s Business Research, Women Impacting Public Policy, Springboard Enterprises, the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, our media partners, and so many more, we can start the ripple. Thank you for your support and your care.



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