Tackling Trends: Keeping Up & What They Mean For Your Business

Trendwatching.com is an “independent and opinionated consumer trends firm, relying on a global network of 8,000 spotters,” that we subscribe to at the WPO to keep ourselves apprised of new developments in business. And in fact, just last month WPO member Marti Barletta, of the TrendSight Group, was featured in a report on marketing to women called Female Fever.

This month, trendwatching.com has released a comprehensive account of why it’s important as business owners to track trends. The report lists the Top 5 Trendwatching Tips and details the definition of a ‘trend,’ common misperceptions, and suggestions on how to apply trends to your business.

Top 5 tips:

  1. know why you’re tracking trends
  2. have a point of view
  3. weave your web of resources
  4. fine tune your trend framework
  5. embed and apply

Access the full article here.
Access the trend database here.


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