Employee Productivity: Average Employee Wastes Two Hours Every Workday

Salary.com has done a 2007 Wasting Time Survey, asking 2,000 employees across all job levels about how they spend their working hours. They found employees waste an average of 1.7 hours of an 8.5-hour workday, which is actually a decline from last year’s average of 1.89 hours each day.

The survey also found that younger people tend to waste the most time, and it tapers off as employees get older. The reasons given for wasted time are interesting as well. 13.9 percent of respondents slack off because their hours are too long, while many people said they don’t have enough work to do or their work isn’t challenging enough.

Younger employees seem to be multi-taskers and frequently change tasks. The top time-wasting activities include using the Internet for non-work related purposes, socializing with co-workers, and conducting personal business. However, this interaction between employees may not be a waste of time. It brings them together, building camaraderie, which hopefully leads to them working better together in the future. Also, the people who do seem to spend some of their work time doing personal things, spend some of their personal time doing work things.

To read more from Inc.com, click here.


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