Business Owners Rank Internet as Most Important Marketing Tool

The Capital Access Network Small Business Barometer, a quarterly poll of 250 business owners nationwide who accept credit cards from customers as a method of payment, found that small companies ranked an Internet presence or website as the number one method for business marketing, over such traditional tools as networking, public relations and print and radio advertising. Yet, the respondents still said that their two online business-related activities that they use the most are e-mail and researching business solutions, and they hope to change that in the upcoming year. A majority say they plan to spend as much or more this year on online advertising and other Web tools.
Many small businesses have begun implementing online advertising strategies. Of survey respondents, 59 percent use online ads and 68 percent utilize search engine optimization “sometimes” or “often.” Blogs and message boards do not seem as popular an option for business marketing. Business owners are making efforts to increase their Internet presence if their funds allow them.

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One thought on “Business Owners Rank Internet as Most Important Marketing Tool

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