Vietnam to host Global Summit of Women in 2008

At no time in its 17 year history has the Global Summit of Women seen such a wide representation as it did in Berlin on June 14-16th, when 1,000 women from 95 countries converged on Germany’s capital for three days of strategy-sharing, networking, and simply empowering experiences that kept the participants energized, enthusiastic and engaged throughout. Vietnam’s Vice President Truong My Hoa announced Vietnam as the 2008 Host Country to close out this year’s ceremony, and they have a lot to look forward to! Marsha Firestone and Toronto Platinum member, Marnie Walker, sat on a panel together to discuss the WPO. There was much interest, including prospects of a Sweden chapter. Marsha explained that she is very excited for this possibility, but is concerned that the only roadblock may be that other countries might have a harder time reaching large business sizes.

To read more on the Vietnam announcement, click here!

To find out more about the 2007 summit, click here!


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