10th Anniversary Conference Excitement!

It has been all a-flurry in our office – preparing and reviewing every last detail for the 10th Anniversary Conference next week. Even amidst all the excitement, I couldn’t help but take a minute to revel in how far our organization has come in ten years.

The first WPO conference in 1997 was held at the American Airlines Center and hosted only 40 women entrepreneurs. Of those 40, I am thrilled to say that most remain a part of the organization today. The second conference was held in Tempe, AZ and hosted 50 attendees. Now, only eight years later, we are returning to Arizona with a force of more than 550 attendees, 49 facilitators representing 72 chapters, and 14 National Sponsors (in 1997, we had three National Sponsors: IBM, American Airlines, and AT&T).

I can’t say enough about the success and influence of our growing membership. The WPO is comprised of intelligent, determined, successful women. And, as we grow and span the generations, WPO members are all role models, students, and teachers for both each other and women in business across the globe. We need not look far for the evidence; WPO member Melanie Nelson, of Learning ZoneXpress, is bringing both her 89 year old mother and 19 year old daughter to this years’ conference and represents three generations of entrepreneurial women.

We are so excited to be empowered and inspired by all of our attendees in person next week and, if you can’t come this year, we hope you will join us the next!

Our most recent statistics for your enjoyment…

In the average, our members have

  • $12 million in annual revenue
  • 89 employees
  • 21 years of experience

In the aggregate, our members have

  • 10.5 billion in annual revenue
  • 79,000 employees
  • 18,000 years of experience


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