Alternative Workspaces

The days of the massive cubicle-ridden office are dwindling. As means of communication continue to grow around immediate information-sharing, similar principles are being applied to the workspace. Additionally, businesses are being pressured by employees to make their workspaces more people-friendly. There are a few reasons for this trend, including but not limited to the belief that a comfortable and engaging workspace inspires creativity, collaboration and innovation.

This week, BusinessWeek has a slideshow & article online that addresses the concept of co-working facilities. Co-working facilities generally charge a monthly or yearly ‘membership’ fee and provide all the benefits of a standard office, and occasionally more. While it depends on the facility, many have coffee shops, kitchens, printers/copiers, fax machines, wi-fi and designated meeting space. And, if you check out the BusinessWeek slideshow, they are often located in loft-like, stylized spaces – rather than your standard office floor in an 18 story hi-rise.

What seems to be the main motivator of alternative and co-working facilities is the tendency towards innovation and community within these areas. Have you had any experience with a co-working facility? Do you have a particularly interesting office set-up? Share it here!


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