Blogging in 2007 – We’ve been Tagged!

We have been “tagged” by Laurel Delaney (WPO Chicago Facilitator) and author of the Global Small Business Blog, visit here for an explanation.

1. What have you learned so far from visitors to your blog?

We launched our blog in September 2006 with the intent to create a forum for members to discuss breaking business news, share best practices, and connect with women business owners, sponsors and friends. It is part of our continual effort to ensure that the WPO is a commanding presence in both the business and online community. And, of course, with over 1000 members, what better way to keep in contact than online?!

By monitoring our blog traffic, we’ve learned that our readers are partial to a variety of topics. Or, more clearly, our blog touches many influential women with different interests. Some of our readers are partial to news about WPO members, while some are more interested in business news, or technology trends. Mostly we’ve learned how to keep on our toes!

2. If someone would offer to pay for a course (or more) for you, what would the course be?

I am extremely fortunate to have this opportunity be a reality for me. Wachovia, a WPO sponsor, has through their support allowed me the ability to attend the World Business Forum for the past two years. It is an incredible experience and I am forever grateful to Wachovia for their dedication to women in business and the value of education.

3. Are you satisfied with what you’ve achieved in 2006, in general?

I am very satisfied with what the WPO family has achieved in 2006, but more so in the last 10 years. 2007 marks the 10th anniversary of the WPO and I am proud to announce that we have grown from one mere chapter in New York to more than 65 chapters in the US and Canada. Our thousand member family is increasingly successful and diverse, and we look forward to even more growth in the upcoming years. We are looking to bridge the global divide in the next ten years and will continue to work for entrepreneurial women’s’ equality in the media.

4. Has blogging changed your life or your personality in any way?

I can’t say that blogging has drastically changed my personality, but it has helped me keep myself abreast of current business news and hot technology trends.

5. If you had the opportunity to meet one person you admire most in the world, who would that person be?

I’m going to take a little editorial liberty here and expand this question from one person to a group of people. I would be greatly appreciative and overjoyed with an opportunity to sit down with the three current female Ivy League presidents: Ruth J. Simmons (Brown University), Shirley Tilghman (Princeton University), and Amy Gutmann (University of Pennsylvania). Additionally, I’d love to hear Malcolm Gladwell speak.

And now I will tag the following people to answer these same questions on their blogs: Mary Cantando, and Patty Briguglio.


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