Google Analytics

Google’s success has been on the lips of just about every small business, and large business owner since it hit the marketplace. It’s corporate structure and ability to adapt has been discussed and analyzed repeatedly by business gurus. In fact, Gary Hamel (renowned business strategist) based his keynote address on Google at our 2006 conference.

What we haven’t discussed, is how Google and more specifically Google programs can help your business. Last week we implemented Google Analytics on four of our web pages. Google Analytics is a *FREE* service which tracks how many visits and pageviews your website receives. Every day, you can sign on your account and view how many people accessed your site, how many of those ‘accesses’ were new visitors, where on the globe they accessed it from and through what browser. All you have to do is register with Google and have your web programmer enter a simple code for the site you wish to track.

We are still learning about the service ourselves but the service does allow you to:

  • track the efficiency of web marketing efforts (both targeted advertising and general public relations)
  • set goals for number of site hits and monitor your progress
  • evaluate the quality of your site content and register how changes in content are received

We’ll happily keep you posted as we explore the benefits of the service, but in the meantime, if you have any questions about it – please feel free to call Caitlin (212.688.4114 x110 – for more information.


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