Thinking Of Selling?

According to a survey from the University of Dallas School of management and GW Equity, 80% of business owners in the US are now considering selling their firms. Of those considering selling, 75% anticipate doing so within the next three years. Fortunately, if you are looking to sell right now, your timing is spot on – Thomson Financial reports strong global merger-and-acquisition activity for 2006. But are you prepared?

Our upcoming regional programming, “Building Bridges to Financial Freedom,” will address planning for the sale of your business. The workshop was so successful at the 2006 WPO Conference that we decided to make it our regional programming for the fall. The workshops will be held in San Francisco and Philadelphia and will feature Mark Rittmanic, Principal and Founder ForteCEO Group; Susan Pravda, Partner, Foley & Lardner LLP; Shiva Sattar, Vice President, Private Advisory Group Leader; Marnie Walker, Founder, Student Express and Shirley Moulton, CEO, Universal Solutions, Inc. Remember – selling your business requires long term planning and doesn’t begin when you decide to put the company on the market!

In the meantime – please share what your biggest fear is regarding the sale of your business and how you plan to prepare for it.


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