Welcome to the WPO Blogsite!

This site is intended to be a forum for members to:

  • discuss breaking business news
  • share best practices
  • connect with women business owners, sponsors and friends

We encourage you to use this Blog site to strengthen the WPO community. We invite you to express passions, enthusiasm and business ideas that are both honest and relative to advanced women presidents.

Through open exchange, our site will serve as a bridge to build valuable relationships between members, sponsors, WPO headquarters and friends of the WPO. All participants are expected to listen as well as to share.

Again, the Blog should become an interactive, online community. Please refrain from personal commentary, interpersonal conflict, and negativity. As it is maintained by the WPO, the WPO reserves the right to manage and remove any postings that it deems harmful to the organization or to specific individuals.

Remember, this Blog is NOT confidential! And, as always, we welcome suggestions on improvements for the blog or topics for postings (email Caitlin@womenpresidentsorg.com).

Have FUN!

Warmest regards,



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