What do you really want to achieve with your company’s retirement plan?


There are many reasons that your company should offer a retirement plan. Perhaps the most obvious reason is that you simply can’t afford not to. The reason may be simple but finding and evaluating a plan that matches your company’s goals and objectives, can be difficult. AXA, WPO’s exclusive retirement plan provider, breaks these complex financial steps into small, manageable steps. Read more here to learn how to review and evaluate which plan is best for you and your company.

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“Think Big. Invest in Yourself.”

How did a misadventure with a mouse on a rural farm in North Dakota inspire Kari Warberg Block to create a multi-million dollar company? In her most recent Forbes article, Geri Stengel, president of Ventureneer, a digital media and market-research company, tells the story of how Warberg Block used her creativity and perseverance to create the multi-million dollar company, earthkind®.

3 Ways to Achieve Financial Nirvana

Finding your Financial Nirvana

Financial health – it’s the “anxiety that colors everything else in your life.” Your well-being depends on several factors, how your career is going, your romantic and familial relationships, physical health, or your social life. But for most – the underlying factor that nags at us all – especially as business owners, is your financial well-being. PNC offers ways to help stabilize your financial health and how to achieve the highly coveted “financial nirvana.”

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Are Private Companies Taking Employment-Related Risks?

Chubb Employment Related Risks

Employment practices lawsuits cost an average of $70,267, with some companies reporting losses ranging from $600,000 to $4 million. In Chubb’s 2013 Private Company survey, 42% of respondents reported they would not hire an individual with criminal history. Policies against hiring employees with criminal backgrounds can unfairly target minority candidates and the EEOC is pursuing this very aggressively. Where does your company stand with your HR policies and procedures?

Branding: Familiarity Breeds Contentment


Guest Blog post by WPO New York VI Chapter member, Janet Odgis, President & Creative Director, Janet Odgis & Company Inc.

“What’s in a name — and a logo? Plenty. Your company’s core identity, for one. Your name and logo (your branding, taken together) represent the first glimpse potential customers get of you, and longtime customers take comfort in the stability and reassurance your branding confers. If you’re thinking of altering it for whatever reason — a desire to be more descriptive or visually contemporary — here are some key considerations.”

This article first appeared on HuffPost Business on August 3, 2015.